Weekend Thought: Use our gifts to help good causes

Halifax Minster
Halifax Minster

This week the twelve days of Christmas come to an end. Cards are taken down, decorations are put away and parties are over but this week also sees the season of Epiphany.

This is when we remember the revealing of Jesus to people of every race and nation.

Epiphany begins with the wise men coming to worship the infant Jesus guided by the light of the star. Represented in those wise men are all the sciences of time, all the philosophies and all races and nations. All are present to bow in reverence to Jesus, the light of the world. The wise men brought their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. So too, we have gifts to bring.

The greatest gift that we can give is ourselves. As the wise men laid out before him their symbols of love, wealth, devotion, worship as well as those of pain and suffering, so we can spread out our own lives before him.

We can use our gifts in the service of others to bring love and peace to our world. There are so many worthy causes and charities that need practical help.

At this time of the year we hear about the homeless and those who sleep out in the cold with little food and comfort.

The wise men had faith in God and trusted that he would guide and help them. In the year ahead we need the same faith, trust and courage. In the same way that the wise men had the star to guide them, so we can have Jesus as our guide and strength.

If we have difficulties in our lives then we need to ask God to help us and to lead us.

The wise men followed the star and they found Jesus. Wise men still do!