Weekend Thought: Weathering the storms of life

Halifax Minster
Halifax Minster

Over the last couple of weeks we have been hearing about the huge hurricane Irma that has battered the Caribbean.

It has been described as a nuclear storm and has wreaked havoc and devastation as it passed over the islands in its path and then onto the mainland.

Prior to this, there was hurricane Harvey which struck Texas in late August. Fifty inches of rain is said to have fallen in a little over four days. At roughly the same time flooding in India, Bangladesh and Nepal has claimed many lives with millions made homeless.

These events have been described as ‘apocalyptic’ in proportion, and our thoughts and prayers go to all those who have suffered. It is difficult to imagine the fear and absolute devastation these have caused.

The early disciples were caught in a storm on the sea of Galilee They feared for their lives but Jesus was able to calm the storm. The disciples asked ‘who is this that even the wind and waves obey him?’

Jesus brought the disciples through the storm just as he will bring us through the many storms that we experience. These may not be physical storms but storms of life.

We all experience difficulties and traumas from time to time. Life is not easy. Sometimes these can be life changing.

The good news is that Jesus is with us and he will carry us through.

This doesn’t mean we won’t have problems, illness or even death but it does mean that as we trust him he will never leave us or forsake us.

He will always be walking by our side.

We can have faith that he is there for us when we are in need. We can rest in the certain knowledge of his presence with us.