Well done for arresting man caught short at police station

I have been looking through my Couriers today, and came across an article I had overlooked.

I vaguely recall seeing a report regarding someone being fined for using the police station wall as a toilet.

I reply firstly to the letter written by Mary Forsythe, regarding lack of toilets at the police station. She says “the only course of action would be to use outside space”.

I think not. I like to think the police would use their discretion regarding use of their own toilet. If a lady had attended the police station after being mugged I like to think she would have been offered a cup of tea, AND use of the facilities if required. They could hardly send her outside to ‘squat’.

I say well done to the police officer who took the necessary course of action. It brought in a bit of revenue. The perpetrator of the crime committed was obviously not law abiding, otherwise he would not have done what he did.

Urinating in a public place has been a crime for years and, hopefully, will continue to be so.

Now to Pauline Hawkins. I would rather someone nick a can of pop any day than expose themselves. Would Pauline mind if these ‘scrotes’ (her word for the pop thief) urinated against her house wall? Touche!

Just one comment about another of her reports about elderly people not daring to turn up their heating. Are we not paid £200 per household to use for this?

It’s ridiculous in this day and age to suggest people can’t afford to be warm during cold weather. They must be spending their money on real luxuries, the likes of which I need not mention. The bird of prey versus blackbird warrants no comment at all!

Mary Tordoff

Oxford Lane