Were you the lorry driver?

With reference to the letter regarding drivers using mobile phones, something should be done about impatient, careless lorry drivers.

On Tuesday February 21 my wife and I were travelling back from Hebden Bridge and turned down into Tuel Lane towards Sowerby Bridge. At the bottom of Tuel Lane we were waiting to turn right at the traffic lights.

Behind us was a large red lorry waiting to turn left. The filter green light signalled left and, as the road narrows at the bottom, the lorry mounted the pavement and passed our car in the next lane. At the same time he managed to dent and scrape the rear left hand side panel and knock the door mirror. All this because he couldn’t wait for the right-turning traffic to move.

If you are the lorry driver you may not have realised you have damaged our car, even thought I was parping my horn at you as you continued on with your journey towards Bolton Brown. If you were driving down Tuel Lane at approximately 3.45pm on Tuesday February 21 you may have seen this lorry and noticed his registration number.

If you are the lorry driver I would love to meet you and enquire how you failed to notice a bright orange Fiat Panda and why you weren’t checking your mirrors!

Anyone who witnessed this incident can contact me via the Halifax Courier or direct on 07971 706133

G Taylor

Flower Bank

Sowerby Bridge