What about Elland town hall cash?

Councillor Ford’s memory seems to be short.

He mentions £50.000 106 monies from the Dewsbury road silk mill going out of Elland, but does not mention the £750.000 gained from the sale of Elland Town Hall on the 22nd of June 2005 when he was leader of the council. Where did that money go?

He may not also be aware that two people have been knocked from their cycles in the last three weeks on the Elland bypass, and that monies gained by the highways dept from Dept of Transport funding together with Morrison’s has provided Elland with a first class cycle track on the first section of the bypass from Salterhebble to the junction with Exley Lane so that people can cycle to work or play more safely.

As for Elland’s future I am very optimistic because of the hard work myself and fellow Lib Dem Cllr have put into Elland in the last 20 months.

Cllr David Hardy

Victoria Road