What are plans for old museum?

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It is over a year since the Halifax Courier reported the dilapidated state of the former Working Horse Museum off South Parade, within in this time why hasn’t anything been done?

Also is it too much to ask for our Council to carry out their responsibilities and ensure that the lease agreement between themselves and the Eureka Children’s Museum is adhered to? I refer to the lease agreement which is a repairing covenant, which requires the Eureka Children’s Museum to maintain this building “in good and substantial repair and maintenance”. The reason as to why our Council appears reluctant to carry out their responsibilities may have something to do with this shopping centre, spanning the Northgate, Bus Station and Gaol Lane sorting office sites. As before this can be constructed, first the Royal Mail sorting office has to be relocated to another suitable location. Now with the lack of unused sites within close proximity of the town centre which could accommodate the Royal Mail Sorting Office, it appears that the former Working Horse Museum is possibly the only plausible candidate. So is Calderdale Council allowing our heritage to fall down in order to facilitate the development of this faceless shopping centre?

Michael Bradley