What can our society do to reduce domestic violence?

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”Calderdale women are living in fear every day”. This headline in the Courier must have saddened many readers.

What kind of society are we living in? How has this cruel behaviour towards women at home come about? What causes it?
Domestic violence has recently risen with 2,388 incidents reported in West Yorkshire between January and October 2012 (Courier, January 25). More than the number in the same period the previous year.
These figures show the need for the good support work done by the Calderdale Women Centre in Halifax. Women have somewhere to go.
What can then overcome domestic violence in our society? How can this brutal treatment of so many women be eradicated? Legal action leading to severe punishments? Outlaw male oppression?
What motivated Christians in this social problem is the example of Jesus of Nazareth. His compassion was showed in his treatment of women in the society of his day. Widows, outcasts, poor and sick were blessed. Jesus showed a caring, rare in those times. Christian churches are now challenged to change society’s attitude to domestic violence once and for all. They have Jesus as their model.

Frank Carless