What good will mass strikes do?

Unite: union leader Len McCluskey
Unite: union leader Len McCluskey

I read that Len McCluskey of Unite, and several other union leaders are calling for a national campaign of ‘civil disobedience’ and mass strikes in protest at coalition cuts to pensions and public services. McCluskey says all forms of action and disruption should be used to defeat a government with ‘no legitimacy’.

Union leaders always make these inflammatory statements safe in the knowledge that they will never be asked to take responsibility for the running of the country – although they still dream of controlling us all and subjecting us to their obsolete ideological codswallop.

We are experiencing, along with a large part of the world, a financial crisis the like of which we have never previously seen. The Uk alone borrows £400 million every single day, and pays £120 million in interest every single day.

Greece is likely to default on its debts. Spain and Italy are in deep trouble, as is the USA.

No one likes cuts, no one likes austerity, no one says its ‘fair’ – but if we don’t make these cuts, if we don’t face reality, if we don’t stop living in denial, we could be finished.

The millionaire George Osborne may not be the most appropriate person to say ‘we’re all in this together’ but he is absolutely right. If we don’t pull together, in our communities, and as a nation, and accept things are going to be hard, we might as well all stay in bed because there will be no jobs for anyone.

So, go on Mr McCluskey, have your mass strikes and bring a government down.

Let’s see if the country benefits from your dull, self-centered destruction of democracy.

And when you have done your worst, put Labour back in charge – the party that ‘eliminated boom and bust’. That should work!

Cllr Keith Hutson

Warley Ward