What is £15m actually for?

Upper Bellcroft


I read, with profound bemusement, your recent front page regarding Northgate House needing around £15m spending on it. The breakdown beggars belief; Professional fees, planning permission/building regs fees approaching 15 per cent of the total.

Who is ultimately charged with signing this improvident order?

Why? The council has legal specialists, architects/planning/building regs’ specialists who are already paid. The government no doubt oversees these things also so if the blame is to be at their door, shame on you government!

Whitehall must have hundreds of legal people and specialists we already pay handsomely. Central government should lend those specialist services, avoid internal costs; when we know it will comply with current regulations. Fool Britannia strikes again in her ‘Fauntelroy-esque’ ways, amid a further waste of cash.

I’m sure there are many well needed services needing a £2m boost, or for hold in the coffers for the next CEO redundancy settlement. If this were a privately run enterprise then I would be interested to see just how much could/would be legitimately saved?

Come on Rockerfellas, drop the bravado. Don’t they say that discretion is the better part of valour?

Rawson Brearley-Swaine.

Myrtle Drive



SO Councillor Collins says “People need to understand the dilemma.” I ask Councillor Collins “What dilemma”? £15 million to restore Northgate House is purely farcical.

The council has cut back on so many amenities but want to waste £15 million on a scheme that the council say Northgate House could be swept away to make way for new shops.

Have Coun Collins and his inept colleagues not noticed that the shops across from the bus station have not been let once since they were built years ago?

Back to the HQ. Why not look at other buildings in Halifax (one springs to mind), the massive building that used to be Canal Dyeing on Old Lane.

Do this building up, put a new road in and a saving of £2.75 million (at least) by not having to strip out £304,639 and no temporary offices £2,460,000.

Look at other options!

Steve Webster