Wheelie bin rule poser

Does anyone else in Calderdale feel discriminated against because they have a wheelie bin?

Please let me explain. Recently I took my wheelie bin down to my gates, opened my left gate and left my wheelie bin to be emptied (there is no public footpath outside the houses), then I went out for the day.

While I was out along came Postman Pat with some mail for me. After delivering my post, the postman closed my gate and went on his way. Later, along came Bertie Binman, sees my wheelie bin inside my closed gate, out comes the Rule Book, rule no. xyz999 says that should a wheelie bin be inside a closed gate then it is not ‘presented’ and in no way can it be emptied.

My friend next door does not have a wheelie bin so one or two ‘Berties’ have to open that gate and go up the steps to retrieve the bin bags.

Could someone from Sita or Calderdale Council explain, through the Courier, the importance of not being able to open a gate for a wheelie bin, but can open a gate for bin bags? Please. So I can sleep!

Mr Burnside