Where in ‘Streets Ahead’ does it say move library?

Will Alsop's plan of the PIece Hall showing potential for development around it.
Will Alsop's plan of the PIece Hall showing potential for development around it.

“Deputy leader Tim Swift (Lab, Town) said the proposals were the next step in delivering “Streets Ahead” - the vision set out by Halifax Town Team and adopted by the council for reshaping the town centre over the next 25 years.” - Courier Tuesday 7 February

Cabinet members often justify their plans to move the Calderdale Central Library and Archive by reference to “Streets Ahead” and similar more recent planning reviews. I have spent some time trawling through as many of these documents as I can lay my hands on and I am unable to find in them any recommendation to move the CL&A. Quite the reverse - they all seem to recommend retaining the library and developing new retail around it.

For example, section 6.1.1 of the Halifax Town Centre Strategic Planning Document (June 2010) refers to Area 1: Northgate/Woolshops and includes the following Objectives/Principles for Development provision of larger, modern retail units as part of an expanded retail circuit retention of the library within the site

Am I missing something? If so, perhaps Councillor Swift could point me to where any of these planning reviews have recommended demolishing the current CL&A. That has certainly never been part of the vision of Halifax Town Team.

I am not opposed to change. There is some good stuff in “Streets Ahead” and its successors. It’s a great idea to develop the derelict ground between the Square Spire and the Industrial Museum. It just isn’t a good idea to try to shoehorn the CL&A into that space.

Tim Kirker