Where is their pride in Elland?

In reply to the article of Pride in Elland, it is nice to know that in certain areas of Elland people do have Pride, but then again there are people that take great pleasure in destroying the hard work of others and waste money from the hard working people’s taxes given to fund some projects in the area.

For example, The Riverside Walk or Park has had this year two new metal barbecue bins (which lasted two days before they were unbolted and stolen) and a rubbish bin (which was destroyed about the same time).

Then came a brick built barbecue which was destroyed before the cement had time to set, or what about all the nice new fencing inside the park to stop little children and pets from going over the edge into the River Calder (destroyed) to make fires and seats on the rope swing hanging from the old gas pipe?.

Not to mention the nice new fencing at the bottom entrance (destroyed) and replaced now by plastic orange mesh that is laying on the ground waiting for someone or something to become entangled in.

Then there were the 20+ trees planted now uprooted and gone.

Some of the culprits attend my granddaughter’s junior school so this tells you how old they are.

Where is the pride shown here?

Karl Steel