Which party would take a cut in wages?

Pellon New Road


As we approach the end of February minds are turned towards the election of local councillors and the AV vote change.

We in Halifax have an interesting situation with the coalition of Liberal and Labour running the town where as Liberal and Conservatives run the country.

The AV vote is purely a ruse to ensure that the liberal “king makers” retain this position. The local leaders in conflict with their party. This clearly demonstrates their inability to lead.

So where are we locally? With the dire mess that the current government has had to pick up it reminds me of a cold wet August day when I asked Mr P Allott if the Conservatives could afford to win last year’s election.

Clearly it’s a poisoned chalice “cut if you dare ...don’t if you dare.

So I ask the 2/3 party leaders, cuts are happening right across the community, ‘which one of you will instruct your party members to take a 25% wage cut AND renounce the next pay rise?’ Could the result depend upon your decision?

John Shoesmith