Who is keeping a count of turbines?

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A few years ago, the Council started to allow the occasional installation of almost unobtrusive, small scale wind turbines, which seemed thoughtfully placed so as not to intrude on our wonderful Calderdale views.

However, this seems to have turned into a flood of towers which seem to be ever increasing in size, and with little regard to the impact on our fantastic countryside.
I note that there is now a scoping opinion being requested for two, 500kw turbines at Crow Hill in the Calder Valley. Each of these would measure around 75 metres (nearly 250 foot) high, and this is in a green belt area.
I appreciate that Calderdale is committed to generating a certain amount of renewable energy, but is anyone actually keeping note of how many turbines and solar panels have been installed, and how near we are to fulfilling our obligation? I know certain areas now seem saturated with turbines.
If the Council keeps on allowing application, after application, and larger, and larger machines, we will have none of our unspoilt countryside left. 
Perhaps the Courier could produce a report to let the people of Calderdale know how many turbines have already been installed, where they are situated, and how many are now in the planning process?

Wendy Barlow

Highroad Well Lane