Who should have say on Halifax plan?

IT IS highly unsatisfactory that councillors, from say Todmorden and Brighouse, should vote on the drastic plan to alter Halifax town centre.

They represent communities which in their turn should be freed from Halifax domination, which tells us which papers we should read in our libraries and which flags our town centres should fly.

Democracy requires that the clock should be set back, and the disastrous groupings of 1974 reversed.

Having said that, I agree with the late Mother Teresa’s remark, “I don’t agree with the big way of doing things.” The Halifax plans reminded me of the game Monopoly, in which a fine housing estate can be swept away at whim, and a posh hotel built in its place for money reasons.

It is nonsense to say Calderdale needs a new library and Council HQ after a mere 30 years, just because of greedy discontent that is never satisfied. Nor do we need another shopping precinct, for our consumerism is already a plague.

On the same day that I read that the cabinet had favoured a new glass-walled library, I saw a notice saying that the ordering of books through the nationwide system was being withdrawn. Superficial glitter is no substitute for genuine public service!

Councillor Frank McManus

Longfield Road