Why didn’t French think of our system?

Eversley Mount

Warley Road


FRANCE’S Nicolas Sarkozy is starting his campaign for another term as leader.

But his votes will not be counted by an “Alternative Vote” election process. There will be at least three people to vote for, and the French people will turn out some Sunday and place their crosses. These will later be counted and the candidate with the least votes will be ruled out, before another election is held a week or so later.

So, after a bit more campaigning, the French voters will turn out again, and cross their ballot papers again.

These will be counted, and the candidate with the least votes ruled out of the next stage, until only two candidates remain. Finally a straight fight occurs, and the candidate with most votes wins.

But the British have a better idea. Our parliament is offering its voters a numbering vote instead of the cross, so that people can indicate which candidate they would vote for if their preferred person came last. Thus, we are being given the chance to only have to go to the polling station once, and also only having our taxes pay the counting clerks wages once!

(Why didn’t the French think of that?)

Allen Clegg