Why didn’t MP condem the violence?

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Glen Terrace


In your report “MP still backs demo group” (Courier, April 2) you quoted Linda Riordan rightly as being one of a handful of MPs to support an Early Day Motion praising UK Uncut for their campaign against cuts and tax evasion.

While that might be so it was her lack of condemnation of the violent element, either of this group or those aligning themselves with it, which showed yet again the most vile of violence and brute thuggery with protest as an excuse.

While none of us object to peaceful protest and demonstration surely most fair minded people would condemn those acts of shear hatred and destruction against Fortnum and Mason, a company not usually associated with the style of business the scum would normally destroy.

However it was what Linda Riordan didn’t say, according to your report, which struck me the most.

While she did not “condone wrecking shops and destroying property” she didn’t condemn those who did such. That sounds to me like she wasn’t as repulsed by those violent thugs as I was and that worries me and as my MP and I would have expected better.

If anyone feels angered at her lack of condemnation of those violent thugs then on May 5 you have a chance to send her a message.

Cllr Roger Taylor

(Con, Northowram and Shelf)