Why didn’t Primark go to Broad Street?

Boothtown Road


How many different ways must we ask the question?

Your front page on Saturday, January 29, repeats the claim that Primark is keen to move into Halifax. Calderdale Council are using this as the principal reason they want to redevelop Northgate, and saying this is the only viable site for them.

I have lost count of the times I have seen the question asked (and have asked it myself on several occasions). If they are so keen, “Why have they not taken a unit on the Broad Street development?”

They have had more than enough opportunity, especially if, as Ian Gray is quoted as saying, the Council are “contacting Primark all the time”.

Will someone please give us a straight answer? If not, then I would go so far as to say the Council, Jason Gregg and Ian Gray are living a fantasy.

Dee Weaver

Parkinson Lane


The three letters in today’s Courier (Saturday, January 29) sum up the sense of hopelessness and despair about what’s happening to Halifax town centre, Copley valley, and hospital services.

Does Mr Ian Gray: Calderdale Council Director of Economy and Environment, live in a different Halifax to the rest of us? I’d like to know what his take home pay is? Calderdale MBC could save some money by getting rid of him. The retail structure of Halifax was well balanced till the so-called recession hit and blew it out of the water like everywhere else.

Has this Mr Gray ever walked through Woolshops on a bleak Monday morning to see how under-performing existing businesses are? I very much doubt it.

If developers are so keen to get into Halifax why don’t they start with the depressing dump that is the Piece Hall and stick a roof on it and level the floor, or better still, pull it down and start from scratch.

Who needs a Primark in Halifax when you’ve got an Aladdin’s cave of an indoor market? Especially now it’s heated. This is an asset that Mr Gray should be trumpeting for all he’s worth, and turn his greedy eyes away from ‘prime development’ land that is Northgate House, the Central Library, and the bus station.

Mr Philip Fletcher

Of course we need a Primark, we also need a library. What is the talk of losing facilities and archives about, if we use the recommended site (the library) as proposed for Primark, why should that mean we lose our library and archives.

Surely another site could be found in Halifax to house all the present facilities of the library, so many empty buildings come to mind. Is a new building for the library out of the question? Why are we always presented with ultimatums and not solutions?

Yours confused

Mrs I M Lee

No I don’t think Primark would improve our town. As a point of interest to me we do need investment but, for a start, who conjures up the frightening figure’s of £13m and £15 million to refurbish? Is that in the way of new desks or computers, phone lines, electronics, or what? Let’s have deeper input in the costings.

Also I have to say Primark is not a place I go to much, only once, and not too taken up with. Naturally lots of other people would not agree with me.

Mrs H Hardy