Why do we need 51 councillors?

Crestfield Drive


Letter to ‘Elected Councillors’: you were elected by the people of Halifax to work on our behalf.

You ask for our opinions and feedback and then ignore then (instance; Library 16,000 votes to stay central and accessible). subject of Northgate House, Library and bus station open again.

Primark wants a large store. Who else requires a site in Halifax? Names please - are they signing contracts?

Years ago Littlewoods, BHS and other wanted sites but it took councillors so long to decide (Woolshops area) so they withdrew. Library to stay. Northgate House - move council offices ‘upstairs’ and put shops below. Bus station requires ‘doors’ only. If moved where will it go?

Broad Street complex - people did not require another bingo hall or bowling alley. Things needed: climbing wall and skate park or ice rink. Did you take any notice - No!

The Copley/Sowerby Bridge issue - another ‘comments please’ and being ignored - flood area and habitat.

The ‘garages’ below the Town Hall an absolute eyesore and not let. Will Northgate House be the same?

To save money; why do we need 51 councillors (3 per ward). We never see any during election time.

Also they used to manage refuse disposal - now Sita - transport (First and others) so why do we still need 51?

All or half of councillors should be at all meetings to discuss subject, not the select few (six).

If only six decide then, again, why do we need 51?

M Clayton