Why doesn’t Coun Taylor tackle real parking issues?

“FURY at police who flout parking rules,” (Courier, April 21).

While I don’t agree with anyone flouting the parking law, I do believe Councillor Roger Taylor has a bee in his bonnet regarding the police.

Councillor Taylor said he had no proof that the officers had not been on official business. Maybe, just maybe, they were on community business.

Also councillors agreed that parking issues were more paramount outside schools, etc. Well, Councillor Taylor, if you enjoy taking photos of illegal parkers then get together with General Calcot’s vultures and target these illegal parkers outside schools, King Cross, Market Street, etc, and take action.

For years I have been asking the council parking department to stop this practice and to fine all culprits and as most of the streets in Halifax centre are for buses, taxis, loading. Make it for buses, taxis, loading and free up the town centre of congestion.

Steve Webster

Myrtle Drive