Why don’t you stand for election?

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Objectors to the Northgate House/new library proposals just cannot resist using angry, ill-advised language can they?

In just two recent Courier editions, supporters of the project, particularly Cllrs, have been accused of being unconcerned with social needs or civic pride; of secretive conspiracies; of wantonly making plans that will damage the borough market; of being the creators of ‘a sick joke’; and the Courier itself has been severely criticized by one writer for showing some support for the project.

Well, I am a Cllr. I was elected by a wide cross-section of constituents. I was not elected to be a delegate for a single pressure group.

I support the council’s ambitions for the building of the new library. I have previously clearly and politely explained why.

People can agree or disagree with me, but they have no right whatsoever to accuse me of not caring about the community I have been elected to serve, of being a party to secret conspiracies, of wanting to damage the Borough Market (I am a member of the steering committee that PROMOTES the market!) or of being the perpetrator of a sick joke (whatever that is supposed to mean).

Currently, the Cllrs and officers of Calderdale are having to deal with the most challenging economic circumstances in living memory, and many of us are working as hard as we possibly can to serve Calderdale to the best of our ability.

Not good enough? Stand for election, then.

I would suggest to those who stoop to offensive, unfounded accusation that they pause to consider that things might not be quite as simple as they prefer to believe, and that they may disagree, but that does not necessarily mean they are right and everyone else is beyond the pale.

Cllr Keith Hutson

Warley Ward