Why is no-one there for our five-a-sides?

HAVING been a regular player of five-a-side at the Shay Stadium for some 15 years or more. Now I write to express my concerns at recent events down there, particularly on a Sunday evening.

On three separate occasions recently there has not been an employee of Calderdale Council present and the opening of the court and taking of monies has been down to someone that helps out on a casual basis.

Indeed one week there was nobody at all around to pay, so we didn’t!

We have had to use the Portacabin changing rooms in the car park, which are fine, but do not have any toilets and appeared not to have been cleaned for some time.

In addition what happens, if, God forbid, someone was to get injured, who would provide first aid assistance?

We were told that when we had finished just to leave the changing rooms and the court unlocked which is not ideal.

Whatever next - staff at the North Bridge Leisure Centre abandoning their posts and asking the last people there to turn the lights off and close the doors!

In addition why does it cost £34 to play at the Shay on a Sunday, yet only £18 at North Bridge?

Answers please, Calderdale MBC.

Russ Hodgson,