Why is our tax money going to India

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Shaw Street

Holywell Green

As our own people face hard times and local councils suffer cutbacks, one can only feel utter amazement when International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell announced the decision to commit more than £1B of British taxpayers money in aid to India between now and 2015.

Many workers in this country have lost their jobs and been made redundant, among them some 1700 laid off a year ago when Corus steel was mothballed by its Indian owners Tata, who also own Jaguar Land Rover.

Three British pharmaceutical companies are part of UK holding company NeutraHealth who is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indian based healthcare company Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and The Grosvenor House Hotel in London is also part of a portfolio owned by an Indian group.

Tata is the most well-known from the booming Indian economy which is growing at least by 8.5% and while no one should begrudge India’s economic success, one has to wonder why this coalition Government has to give away tax payers money as after all charity begins at home.

Another home truth is that more than half of our local councillors have town hall bosses who earn more than the Prime Minister and even local councillors are becoming professional politicians.

Not all the local cut backs are down to the present government and whilst most local councils, including our very own, are quick to the blame on Parliament, perhaps they should start first at their own front door and realise their own foibles.

Donald Leach