Why isn’t there a public toilet at the town’s police station?

What quality of police station have we got in Halifax ?

When one considers the large number of citizens who use these buildings, and this includes numerous law-abiding citizens who have occasion to report a crime as well as law breakers, it is unbelievable that the building has no toilet facilities in the 21st century.

The majority of visits to a police station tend to be anxiety laden, even for a law-abiding person who has been mugged or had property stolen .

What are users supposed to do ?

The only course of action would be to use outside space .

In these circumstances it would be criminal then to punish someone for taking the only course of action open to him or her.

Yet in Friday’s Courier a report seems to indicate that that is exactly what has happened.

One wonders if the police officer who happened to come by , could find him/herself in a similar predicament and what course of action he or she would take.

Mary Forsythe