Why should they bear the costs?

I suspect many readers won’t have ploughed through the splenetic outburst from Cllr Roger Taylor on Friday.

Perhaps it would help him if I made absolutely clear why many people, both Labour voting and otherwise, are so angry about the economic strategy pursued by his Government with his enthusiastic support?

The debt crisis facing this country is the direct result of the world banking collapse which was triggered by irresponsible and out of control capitalism.

The current Government, instead of seeking to learn from that and ensure that those responsible carry the biggest burden, is pursuing a policy that means that every hard working family - whether they work hard for BT, Marshalls or in the front offices of Lloyds TSB, or whether they are hard-working teachers, policemen or nurses - are being asked to bear the bulk of the burden of fixing the problems.

Teachers, engineers, firemen, bank tellers - they did not cause the economic crisis. So why is Cllr Taylor so happy to justify them having to bear the costs?

Cllr Tim Swift

Leader of the Labour Group

Town Ward Councillor