Why so many in dangerous areas?

British troops on patrol in Afghanistan
British troops on patrol in Afghanistan
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The unnecessary death of a further six of our service personnel raises the obvious questions, what was it for and will Afghanistan be any different when we come out than when we went in?

It wouldn’t be too bad if the people Afghanistan actually want us to be there, or that there was some end plan, but more and more you get the impression that it is the amount of pain for all have to suffer to satisfy the American revenge requirement for 9/11! Shortly, with the up coming Presidential Election, we will no doubt see a USA condoned Israeli attack on Iran, and certainly no pressure from the USA Government to get Israel to return to its pre 1967 War borders.

If we have to be in Afghanistan, and I haven’t understood a reason so far for being there, why are we required to have so many of our personnel in the invasion force, and in the most dangerous areas?

I anticipate a Royal visit soon to West Yorkshire, and more expression of deep sympathy from our political leaders, who do not have the strength to say to our bankrupt American allies, fight your own wars for a change - we’re pulling out!

It was bad enough with Teflon Tony, Call me Dave is getting as bad, seemingly he can’t go to the toilet without asking Clegg first!

Peter Broadley