Will people push for green energy?

I was interested to read Michael Peel’s piece “Turbines hold the key carbon cuts” (Courier, October 12). Mr Peel wrote about Calderdale Council’s possible future requirement for a wind farm as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

A reduction target of more than 40% by 2020 seemed to me to be an enormous challenge.

I am not sure that China would have finished building all its new coal-fired power stations by then.

Councillor Barry Collins was quoted in the article as saying that the Council was working with local people and businesses to promote carbon reduction.

In this respect it was interesting to see that one of the first decisions taken by the present coalition government was to give a lead to councils by cancelling the proposed expansion of Heathrow Airport and announcing a massive nuclear power renewal programme.

I look forward to reading the Courier’s coverage of planning application meetings where the wind turbine sites are finally identified.

It will be interesting to see just how much local people want to promote carbon reduction.

Peter Holmes

Church Hill Road