Will Post Office say sorry?

Over three and a half years have passed, since our campaign to retain our Post Office in West Vale failed - not that we the users of the Sub-Post Office on Saddleworth Road were ever to be listened to, despite the petition, protest meetings and contacts with Councillors and the then Calder Valley MP.

The old sub-post office building is still up for sale.

And then - surprise surprise!!

The arguments put forward by those who signed the petition and attended the protest meetings are now accepted by the Post Office department, and a Post Office facility offering the same services as the old Post Office is to open in West Vale 50 yards from the premises!

Grateful that we are for the restoration of a service to Greetland and West Vale, is it too much to expect that someone will say to the Sub Postmaster of the original office and the people of Greetland and West Vale - SORRY and even though the new service is to be situated in West Vale, in Greetland, the one thing it is not, is in Upper Greetland!!

Peter Broadley