Will Primark go the way of Woollies?

One thing that has occured to me, and l daresay plenty of other people, is now that we are apparently in recession again, how can anyone be sure that Primark wont go the same way as Woolworths. and then what will we be left with.

lt’s all very well saying that Halifax needs to retain its importance in the league table of national retail centres, but is that what its come to, that a clothing shop takes priority over a major public amenity.

And while the existing building might not win any design awards. lts certainly no worse than the proposed glass shoe box with a couple of portacabins on stilts attached to it, which is what we’ve seen so far.

lt also seems quite ironic, that someone who sees the long term decline of the written word, (Philip Hellawells letter 28/11/11) has no problems using this same format in order to express his own views.

lt’s quite true that the internet is becoming very popular, but does he realise that this is also one of the many facilities that the library has to offer, and indeed where this very email is being concocted.

But, of course, its not the fact that a new library is being proposed, but the way its being done.

Bob James

Wakefield Road

Sowerby Bridge