Will rival fans be in the same end?

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Tewit Close



I wonder if, through your pages, I may enquire of someone in the Council about the North Stand at the Shay Stadium. As I understand it, this stand is not fit for purpose and it is not to be used for ‘Health and Safety’ reasons. I would like to know why not?

I am very concerned to discover that, when the Rugby season starts, all matches will have to be played with home and away fans together, in which ever stand they choose to use. Traditionally, Rugby League is not a sport where we have ever had to worry about the sort of pathetic behaviour we see of opposing football fans, where verbal abuse and even fighting is common place. Sadly, there is an element of this creeping into the sport.

What most concerns me, is the Health and Safety of the Home fans, most particularly at the Featherstone game. I am sure I do not need to go into much detail about the reasons for the likely animosity between the two sets of fans - but lets just say, the recent decisions by the Courts/CPS have not helped things! Now, as a Halifax supporter - and also a law abiding, peace loving citizen, I do not adhere to the need for retribution to be launched upon Featherstone fans for the violent and terrible actions of some of their number. However, we all know that when passions are running high, sometimes common sense does not prevail.

Fev fans are known to be less than polite to opposing fans - I know I was subjected to a lot of abuse from them during the fire evacuation of our end at the Final at Warrington. (This was before we beat them - and before the terrible violence exacted on one of our number - still thinking of you Mr Singer - get well soon).

Surely it is completely irresponsible to not plan ahead and ensure that safety precautions are taken by being able to have away fans use the North Stand.

I am thoroughly ashamed of and disappointed in those people who call themselves Rugby League fans yet have brought this senseless violence into the sport - but I am a realist. Surely it is lunacy to expect them to blend seamlessly into the home fan’s stand?

Please can someone explain to me why, when all this money has been spent on the Shay, we find ourselves in this position?

Lynne Oates