Will tough rules apply to any other animals?

The highly successful urban fox
The highly successful urban fox

After reading many of the reports in the Courier regarding the dog control issue I would like to ask a few questions.

1) Firstly, are there going to be any laws/rules brought in about vermin faeces such as fox faeces? Fox faeces has many diseases as normal domesticated dog faeces, such as Sarcoptes mange (Scabies).

2) Are any laws going to be brought around about horses defecating on roads?

Or even Cats doing their business in people’s gardens. Toxocara from cat mess is far worse than toxocara in dog faeces. Don’t forget, pregnant ladies can abort because of this. I feel things have been blown out of proportion here.

If proper, responsible pet ownership was enforced, then diseases, like the two mentioned above, would be less prevalent in today’s society.

Not only that, but people will start to enjoy their pets more.

If any of the sitting councillors on the cabinet would like to answer these questions then I look forward to reading your replies.

G Thompson