Will you condemn these savage cuts?

Holme Street

Hebden Bridge

Councillor Roger Taylor expresses his concern over Halifax MP Linda Riordan’s alleged lack of condemnation of violence by a tiny minority of the hundreds of thousands of people who supported the London anti-cuts demonstration (including hundreds of people from Calderdale, myself included).

I’d like to ask Councillor Taylor to do a bit of condemning himself.

Will he condemn the cuts which were the focal point of the demonstration, and which are being introduced by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition Government?

Will he condemn the Government’s axing of money to West Yorkshire Fire Service, which we now know means the loss of front-line firefighters’ jobs, meaning we sleep that bit less safely in our beds? Will he condemn the Government cuts which mean social services to our elderly will be reduced, the Government cuts to police funding which mean the loss of front-line officers who protect us from crime?

Will he condemn the Government cuts which mean the closure of day centres for people with mental health problems? Will he condemn the coalition Government for axing the funding which meant the abandonment of vital improvements to Calderdale’s high schools - cuts for which the Calder Valley Conservative MP Craig Whittaker voted in favour?

Will he condemn the cuts which are at this very minute hitting our National Health Service, and which are expected to cause the loss of thousands of nurses and other jobs?

Will he condemn the bankers whose irresponsibility and profligacy created this mess in the first place? Will he condemn those same bankers who are even now paying themselves millions in bonuses? Will he condemn the Liberal Democrats whose treachery to the electorate made it possible for his own Conservative leadership to implement all this?

Will he condemn those businesses who avoid or evade paying taxes of £120b every year - two-thirds of the country’s deficit? Will he condemn the coalition Government for cutting the numbers of tax inspectors who could pursue and recover this money?

I’ve heard nothing from Councillor Taylor on these issues. I don’t expect to. However the people of Calderdale are not fools. I’m sure they will make their views known at the ballot box at the local elections next month.

Peter Lazenby

Secretary Calder Valley Constituency Labour Party