William welcome to clean cars

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I had to smile at William Marshalls’ (left) comments about the Industrial Museum and the need, when it reopens, to reflect new kinds of industry such as car washing, dog grooming or mobile phone shops. We will be hoping to recruit volunteers to help us run the Museum, so William, how are you with a bucket and sponge?

Seriously, William raises a good point. The museum is not about merely conserving a lot of old stuff, it’s about telling a story of how and why industries rose and feel, how they have made the area what is it today and what we might learn about our future.

This is why the museum so complements the Piece Hall; one represents our pre-industrial heritage and the other our industrial story. And the industrial story, as William points out, is not over yet. Or at least, we hope it isn’t.

Lyndon Shearman

Chairman, Calderdale Industrial Museum Association

Whitwell Grove