Wind power applications - surely profit is the motive

Further to the article “A storm is blowing over wind power” in the Courier, I would like to bring the following points to your attention.

Isn’t it amazing that the applicant, who by inference states he only has a domestic requirement for electricity, is so keen for this development to be pushed through, with sole aim of maximising his profit at the community’s expense. Surely there is one prime motivator, profit for himself at the expense of the community and our landscape.

The amount of energy being generated by the proposed windmills is a pin prick of the energy consumed in Calderdale.

None of the energy will be of benefit to the local community. These enormous masts are significantly taller than the current ones at the Ovenden Moor wind farm and at 192ft the height is 10 metres higher than the Town Hall.

Mr Curran’s application could be the first of many blots on the landscape and this application has nothing to do with our environmental challenge.

David Miller