Work passes the test of heavy rain


For a good number of years a major drainage problem has existed on a section of Bradshaw Lane following prolonged periods of heavy rain.

This has arisen as a result of the “long in the tooth” drainage system being unable to cope with the extremely high quantities of rainwater and run off water from the surrounding hills and fields that found its way down Bradshaw Lane and eventually flooded this particular section of highway at its lowest point.
To make matters worse, the flood water on one side of the road would then spill and/or be washed over the footpath by passing traffic causing it to cascade down an adjoining access track situated at the rear of some adjoining properties and eventually flood the local bowling green! 
Since January 2012 the then Conservative candidate Andrew Tagg and myself have both pressed Calderdale Council Highways and Engineering Department to do something about the situation which at times was dangerous to both drivers and pedestrians alike. The work and this goal was finally achieved in April this year. The recent periods of heavy rain have served as a test for the work done by the Council and the situation now appears to be much improved.

Richard Hiley

West View Terrace

Bradshaw Lane