Workers will have to pay back loan money

It would seem the Labour Party is having a campaign of knocking the government in time for the council elections this year. However their choice of issues opens them up to more questions than the answers they suppose to seek.

For example if we are facing “cuts” then why are we having to face them? Maybe 13 years of spend money of those who earn it and when that runs out borrow more and ask the same responsible people to pay more.

For every £4 the last Labour government spent £1 was borrowed. Yes 25per cent of all Labour’s delightful touchy feely policies were on a quarter of borrowed money. Now remind me, who has to pay back that irresponsible loan? Yes those of us stupid enough to work and save!

As we hear mantra of “cutting too far too fast” by almost every contribution from the zombies I hear no apology for destroying a once good economy we had from the socialists. As we see France, Italy, Spain and even the USA (under a Democrat administration) lose their AAA credit rating (Britain has not lost that) by the International Banks here we have Labour politicians saying we should change track. The UK’s National Debt will be HIGHER at the end of this Parliament than it was in 2010. However the rate at which the debt climbs has been reduced which is why we maintain the AAA credit rating. Which is why the IMF isn’t giving us grief.

Naturally I wouldn’t expect a public sector packed Labour Party to even understand the credit rating system let alone understand how we repay the debts. Currently £120m is paid every single day to pay off Labour’s irresponsible borrowing and now we witness their candidates telling us the current coalition government has got it wrong. I suggest the socialist “experts” look at Greece, Spain, Italy, France and the USA and ask why they will have to pay more for any borrowing they request.

As for the “cuts” (savings) in the public sector, which was bloated by 900,000 more employees under Labour with moderators, education empires, “elf n safety”, regulators, ineffective race and gender monitor zealots, and more, then whatever releases the private sector from this noose the better.

Couple that with the “open door” attitude of the last government which meant we didn’t know how many immigrants were arriving, with the huge costs that entails, then I’ll take absolutely no lectures from socialists about how the coalition government is doing.

Turning to Simon Young’s letter (February 4) if the police authorities and forces are cutting front line staff then why isn’t he questioning them? How many equality officers et al are being cut? Police numbers fell to an all time low in the late ‘90s courtesy of the socialists and only increased when they were under pressure.

Do your research Mr Young. The NHS had its income doubled under Labour but its output (in terms of patients treated) was a mere 2per cent higher. So where did all that extra money go to? Budget increases do not equal output increases when the public sector is involved.

As for Linda Riordan’s political debate in the House I feel we should remind her that Blair’s “Education Education Education” was basically a financial millstone round the taxpayers’ neck as university places trebled, teaching “Mickey Mouse” degrees while the cost of it was borrowed over and over.

It is time to pay back that folly and this is why we are facing public service savings. I refer her to the comments from the Chamber of Commerce, “…it is made more difficult when more than 37per cent of 16-year olds leaving school can’t read or write to an acceptable level….”So what happened to Education, Education, Education?

On youth unemployment I would add this. There are new/extended schemes now in place like incentive payments to take on apprentices, 50,000 additional apprentices available in this Parliament, Work Experience permitting two months without losing benefits, Sector-based Work Academies meaning a guaranteed job interview for 50,000 over the next two years. There is more but editing space prevents me writing an essay.

Whenever the electorate has voted in Labour it has ended in economic disaster. Sadly memories are short, new promises of jam tomorrow seem to overcome past memories. I remember the dire economic disaster years under Harold Wilson, yet I see very little from Labour now that shows an ounce of economic competence.

It would be interesting to know if all those claiming that we don’t need to cut back on borrowing, actually have their credit card up to the limit. I doubt it but the “do as I say not as I do” has always been the socialists’ catch-phrase. Cllr Roger Taylor

Northowram and Shelf