Working to pay for childcare

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New research shows that mothers with full-time jobs need to work for four months a year in order simply to break even on childcare costs.

Worse still, mothers in Yorkshire need to work an above-national average of nearly 18 weeks a year.
On average, a mother in Britain spends more than £7,000 per year on childcare.
If the government is serious about getting Britain working again, it must act to stop the spiralling cost of childcare which, according to recent reports prevents up to 1m women with young families returning to work.
Since the bulk of childcare still falls on women, what would most help them to follow a career and raise children would be good and cheap nursery places, rather than raiding money currently earmarked for Sure Start schemes.

Coun Nader Fekri

(Labour & Co-op, Calder Ward)

Hebden Bridge