Worse than any benefit claimer


The current attention being given to the former bosses of HBOS needs a little clarity in what these people through their greed and incompetence have done.

Their achievements have been the cheating of staff and shareholders of their money, and the sacking of honest staff (36,000 at the latest count). This goes on in every privatised utility and other enterprises and it in fact stealing, when God’s resources are not shared out equitably between all people (the Bible has a lot to say about the cheating powerful). These powerful people have been allowed great responsibility and will one day have account for their abuse of that responsibility. Compared to the so-called benefits cheats, these three bosses of HBOS and other parasites are not fit to tie the boot laces of any benefit claimant! Worse, through the disgraceful shenanigans of British bankers, the good name of British business has been dragged down which does not auger well for our future.

Graham Rigby

Jubilee Road