Would a younger person do as good a job as Peter?

Peter Binns, 73, who has been forced by Calderdale Council to retire from his job as park ranger at Manor Heath, Halifax
Peter Binns, 73, who has been forced by Calderdale Council to retire from his job as park ranger at Manor Heath, Halifax

Regarding the story about 73-year-old Peter Binns, who is losing his job as park ranger at Manor Heath, Halifax: Peter should still be able to work regardless of his age!

If all experienced employees are forced to encounter retirement when getting to a certain age, the working professions will be in danger of losing skilled and valuable workers and mentors.

R Hollas.

I believe Peter Binns should be allowed to carry on working.

A. Conyers

I think it is wrong to tell Peter to go. It is Discrimination. He has a full bill of health,a dedicated worker and always has a smile for everyone. He should stay.

Margaret Fawcett

Absolutley disgusted, Peter is fantastic at his job and is more than capable of continuing in his role. The way Peter is been treated is age discrimination to a tea. Peter is fit and willing to work and in my opinion and a lot more people he is irreplaceable.

The council are completely tactless, the Government are trying to get people working till later on in life and the people that are willing to work get dropped.

It’s completley unreal.

Helen Dickson (Online)

Looks like the “oldies” are caught between a rock & a hard place. The Government wants them to work till they drop but employers, including the council don’t want them. Where do these “golden oldies” go from here

The WEC (Online)

Total age discrimmination, as if he is fit for purpose then age is not a reason to sack him. I can`t believe Pauline Nash is an older people`s champion how ironic, she needs to think before she speaks. Calderdale Council should be ashamed of themselves and need to re-consider their action.

City Chick (Online)

We have chatted to Peter on numerous occasions over the years when we have visited the Jungle Experience and he is an absolute great guy to talk to and would talk to my young boys about the butterflies and the quails.

He is very fit for his age and would have the time of day for everyone who cared to talk to him, I can’t believe he isn’t being allowed to continue the job he loves. If you are reading this Peter I would just like to say thanks for being so friendly with my family and that I have enjoyed the many chats I had with you.

Mike Strutter (Online)

Pauline Nash holds a position as an Older People’s Champion according to the Carderdale Council website. Maybe that position should be reviewed in light of her disapointing comments on this matter

rio1980 (Online)

Not a day goes by that a councillor shows us how inadequate they are for their job. Thoughtless, tactless and ignorant of good and bad.

Do they think some younger couldn’t care less person will do the job to Peter Binns’s ability.

When is this Government and its stupid councillors learn that if it aint broke don’t mend it. The sheer ignorance of these people.

P Craghill (Online)