Would the ideas work in practice?

I HAVE been reading about the proposals for reducing the number of wards and councillors and merging with Kirklees for some services to save money and wonder do the residents of Calderdale have a say in the matter?

I can see the reason for such as transport investment, commissioning and resources sharing but I am not too sure about Children’s Services and Adult Health and Social Care.

There have been reports in the Courier at the end of last year about how the Children’s Department was failing in the delivery of services to those in need. How will merging with other children’s services departments resulting in two or perhaps three times as many children as Calderdale has, help vulnerable children?

Instead of making things better with more efficient use of manpower it might make things worse and leave some of the more needy missing out.

The same could also apply to adult clients. It is one thing to share things such as investment, etc, but it is not such an easy matter when you are dealing with people’s lives which are of more importance.

On the question of only having one chief executive between all three councils, this could become a conflict of interest. How will this person divide their time and who will he or she be accountable to?

I note that it is the Conservatives who are making these proposals. The same Conservatives that made the decision to sell Northgate House and Halifax Central Library and wanted to move the library to the Broad Street Plaza in 2008/9 and that debacle is still rumbling now.

The same Conservatives when they were in power did little or no regeneration in Elland town centre for many years except pass planning permission for regeneration of old textile mills resulting in many more people living in the area with not enough services to supply their needs causing them to go out of town thus losing Elland much needed revenue.

The comments made state that these proposals will benefit all parts of Calderdale with services provided and give greater accountability but sometimes these ideas might seem feasible but in practice do not work.

Rosemary Lord

Park Avenue