Wrong to compare with Liverpool’s night of terror

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DONALD Leach needs to be more careful what he writes! To say that Derek Hatton “did more damage to Liverpool ...than Hitler’s bombers” (Yoursay, April 2) makes me hope that the Courier doesn’t reach that city on this occasion.

As a Southport schoolboy I recall the sounds and flames from the nearby city for seven successive May nights of terror, and the stories of Liverpudlians taking to the fields around Aintree at night in fear for their lives.

Survivors still mourn for their loved ones; so this comparison must be taboo, and Mr Leach more temperate.

In this context I shall avoid the tastelessness of locking antlers with him over his all-round deriding of politicians.

We need better performance by and assessment of those engaged in what should be the honourable art of providing an optimal framework for society. I’ll just respond to his “Do you condemn the (possible) strike?” by asking him, “Do you condemn the ‘general’ strike of the extra Jubilee Bank Holiday?”.

(Councillor) Frank McManus

Longfield Road