Yates turns his back on loyal voters

Long Fallas Crescent, Brighouse.

"Politics has no place in local government" and "I do not want to be a member of any political party. I want to be independent."

These may not be Coun Nick Yates's exact words but it will be easy for you to verify them because statements to their effect have appeared in print on your pages over the past few months.

And now what do we read? Councillor Yates has joined the Liberal Democrats ("Nick swaps sides", Courier, July 18). Clearly he is a man who neither knows his own mind nor one who is true to his word.

What's more, the whole thing smacks of dishonesty. Councillor Yates was happy enough to gain his election to the council under a Conservative banner, using Conservative Party funds and resources.

Now he turns his back on the loyal Conservative voters of Brig-house and joins a party which, over the years, all Brighouse voters have shown their disdain for by placing their candidates a very poor third or fourth in the polls.

That's always assuming they even bothered to field a candidate at all.

It is to be hoped that the good citizens of Brighouse will show the Liberal Democrats what they think of them by continuing that trend and will send a clear message to the dithering Coun Yates in May next year with a resounding defeat at the local elections.

(Coun) Ann McAllister

(Leader, Conservative Group, Calderdale Council)