Yes please! A great idea for garden waste

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With regard to the article on refuse collection, I think it would be an excellent idea to have an extra bin for garden waste.

In my opinion Calderdale has an excellent policy on recycling, having seperate containers for paper, bottles/cans and waste food.

In many other authorities the practice is to put all recycling material into one bin, which then has to be sorted out at a central depot.

Ian Edwards

I would very much welcome a separate bin for garden rubbish. If it could be recycled for compost all the better.

Hilda Bates

Yes we would welcome a bin to collect our garden waste. We have great difficulty taking it to the tip and have to rely on other people taking it.

I understand that an extra bin would be difficult for some people but may be they could choose to be excluded.

As for the problems of collecting in winter it could be suspended as no one gardens in the snow

Mr Ken Lambert