Yet another road closure in Halifax

Now we know that “the lunatics are running the asylum”, albeit a separate set of lunatics, a scary thought. Yet another road closure within Halifax town centre.

Not content with closing off the exit of the Burdock Way roundabout, which has resulted in longer access times to the town centre. The council’s Highways department are now closing off Broad Street. Between Northgate and the Orange Street/Waterhouse Street junction.

All traffic wanting to enter or leave Halifax town centre, on what is one of the busiest routes at the best of time, will now have the added delight of a minor detour. This latest detour will take them over North Bridge, back on themselves on the A58 and if possible back into the town centre via the slip road off the A58, a 280 degree left turn at the top of that & into the town centre.

Could they not at least wait until Orange Street was re-opened before this closure was even considered? If you want to travel by bus, from the bus station to the hospital or the Upper Calder Valley area. Your bus will now be turning right upon leaving the bus station Over North Bridge. Back on itself on the road above and then taking a roundabout route back into the town centre.

Buses attempting that 280 degree turn are bad enough, no disrespect to the drivers. It’s the size of the vehicle and the junction construction. But how are the many HGV’s, which service town centre shops going to manage? Neither the slip road nor the junction were constructed to cope with the amount of traffic that they will shortly be forced to take.

There has never a better chance of shutting Halifax down. Bring those in the town to their knees and agree to whatever this council wants, just so they may be allowed to continue trading. Is there another reason behind this latest act of stupidity? Certain people not getting their own way and now getting their own back by allowing this?

This is going to be done between 7pm and 6am, so make certain that you are either out of town before they start closing the road and in after they have opened it. Whether the shops will have anything in may be another matter.

S. Loftus

Prospective Independent Candidate

Illingworth & Mixenden