You have inspired me to have another try at march

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I wish to say ‘well done’ to Harry S Flynn (“Crowd lining streets kept me going” Courier 13 July 2012) for completing the veterans’ march despite his various ailments.

He is absolutely right when he says the crowd spurs one on when they show their appreciation of the marchers’ past military service.
Mr Flynn did far better than me as I decided that I would have to miss the parade this year as I didn’t think I would be able ‘to complete the course’ - a real disappointment.
I am now 82 and my osteoporosis does not help my screwed-down hip joint!
However Mr Flynn has inspired me to have another try next year and if I do make it I will seek out Mr Flynn to wish him well and to thank him for encouraging me to have another go!

Harry Thompson

Willow Drive,

Burnley Road.