You’ll need a bike to catch the Catbeast

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Hanson Lane


So the saga of the cat beast - lynx, panther, puma etcetera rumbles on. Please do not print any more pictures of this animal as each successive one is more frightening than the last.

The whole town is in fear. I could have sworn I heard it purring outside my house recently - but it turned out to be a taxi dropping someone off.

I believe it has also had a litter as my neighbour’s kitten looks like a miniature version of the cat beast/lynx etc.

Everyone is giving it a wide berth in case it grows into some hideous monster which carries off small children in its bloody jaws.

I have solved the riddle of how it ranges over such a wide area. I saw it recently at night and it had a large round head and its sleek black coat looked almost like leather in the dark - and it was riding a motorcycle.

So, we are looking for a cat beast, lynx, puma, panther etc, riding a Honda.

L Turner