Benefits of buying a brand new home

It’s New Homes’ Week, and housebuilders are keen to highlight the plus points of choosing a brand new home. Perks identified include cost-savings on energy use, homes built with modern day lifestyles in mind, and neighbours keen to build a community. Housebuilder Barratt celebrates its 60th anniversary during New Homes Week this month, and lists […]

Simple ways to attract wildlife in to your garden

With almost 600 different species of birds living in the UK, and 2.5 million grey squirrels, there is plenty of wildlife out there to enjoy within your garden. Garden building supplier, Tigersheds, linked with a range of experts to offer five useful tips on how to make gardens more wildlife-friendly. Plant smaller shrubs For those looking […]

A dozen ways to add value to your home (and by how much..)

A growing number of home owners are choosing to upgrade their current property rather than move house. According to a recent study from Hiscox, 15 per cent of homeowners elected to improve rather than move in 2017 – up from just three per cent in 2013. The trend is even more pronounced among millennials, with […]

How to avoid property turn offs

It may seem obvious advice when property sellers want their homes to be presented in the best light and want the maximum price, but our experience at Romans shows that many sellers still forget the simple things and buyers notice them straight away! “If you want a quick sale, you need to make sure your […]

Benefits of buying new in West Yorkshire

New Homes Week takes place each year to highlight the benefits of buying new properties across the UK.  And, with lower running energy costs, new communities and facilities and money saving credentials over renting or older properties, there are plenty of reasons why there is a whole week dedicated to this particular art of shopping! Leading […]

Call for firms to back campaign to house Yorkshire’s homeless

Property firms throughout Yorkshire are urged to get behind a campaign to deliver more homes for the young and homeless . Not having a place to call home is one of the most stressful situations a person can find themselves in, and as ‘stress’ is the theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week from […]