Cooling mattress toppers, fans and a slush puppy maker - these are the nine products designed to keep you cool during the heatwave

Make sure you're not suffering in the heat with these handy products (Photo: Shutterstock)Make sure you're not suffering in the heat with these handy products (Photo: Shutterstock)
Make sure you're not suffering in the heat with these handy products (Photo: Shutterstock)

With temperatures in the UK soaring to record breaking levels, some of us might not be too well equipped to cope in this kind of weather.

Thankfully, there’s a gadget for everything - these are all the ones designed to help keep you cool during the heatwave.

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Cooling mattress topper

This cooling mattress topper from Argos is perfect for those who are struggling to get a good night's sleep in the sweltering weather. It contains sealed gels packs that react to your body heat and creates a “dry” cooling sensation.

Argos says: “Besides cooling you down, the pads are fantastic for headaches, sunburn, hot feet, hot flushes and to combat high temperatures caused by ailments or medication.”

It costs £69.99 and comes in a standard single size.

Cooling pillow

If you’re someone who loves the cool side of the pillow, then this cooling pillow is the perfect solution from Amazon. It’s the number one bestseller in the pillow category on the website and with temperatures breaking 30 degrees, we can see why.

One review said: “So far so good! These are great for the price. Popped it in the fridge for an hour and was fantastic for cooling my sunburned shoulders!”

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Usually £9.99, Amazon is selling it at a discounted price of £3.58, with free delivery.

Cold slippers

Pay attention to your feet if you find yourself overheating. You can stick these reusable cold slippers from Amazon in the freezer before wearing them like regular slippers.

One five star review said: “I will probably order a second pair just so I will always have a cold pair. Worth every penny.”

Priced at £12.08 with free delivery.


The obvious answer when temperatures start creeping up is to fetch yourself a fan. However, not all fans are created equal. You’ll need to decide what kind of fan is the best for your needs. A great all-rounder is this six inch pedestal fan from John Lewis.

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One review said: “Lovely fan, does exactly as expected. Really sturdy, not overly noisy. Works a treat!”

Get it for £22 from John Lewis

Cooling gel eye mask

Combining the luxury of the spa and the practicality of keeping cool is this cooling gel eye mask from The Body Shop. You can use it warm by soaking it in warm water for ten minutes - but given the heatwave, you’ll probably be using it for its cooling function.

Pop it in the fridge for an hour before using it and when it's ready, just place it over your eyes for instant cooling and relief.

Get it for £6 - The Body Shop offers £2.49 standard delivery or you can shop in store.

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Reusable water bottle

When temperatures start getting hotter, it’s imperative that you keep yourself hydrated. The best way to do this is to have a reusable water bottle with you. These water bottles from Chilly’s will keep your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

With funky designs and loads of different colours to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be something that catches your eye and sets your water bottle apart from the rest.

The funkier designs are available for £25, but the more simple block colours are cheaper.

Slushy maker

While there are lots of practical gadgets out there to keep you cool, make sure you also have some fun in the sun. Why not enjoy a nostalgia hit with this Chill Factor slushy maker cup.

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Just put the cup in the freezer for a few hours and then add your chilled drink of choice (like cola for a cola slushy) and then squeeze the cup to instantly make it into a slushy.

Available for £10 from Argos.

Ice cream maker

There’s nothing quite like a delicious ice cream on a hot day. Enjoy your own ice cream in your own home with this digital ice cream maker.

Lakeland says that it “churns ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt to silky smooth perfection” and it makes half a litre “in as little as 30 minutes”.

Originally £39.99, Lakeland is selling the digital ice cream maker for £19.99.

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Ice tray

While you may think you don’t need a new ice cube tray because you’ve already got one hidden away in your freezer somewhere, think again. Check out this ice tray designed to make long and thin cylindrical ice perfect for popping into a water bottle.

One review says: “These have been a godsend the long, hot summer we've had this year! Really quick to freeze because of the size/shape (roughly 3hrs) and fit in all standard 500ml fizzy juice bottles.”

Available from Amazon for £1.79 with free delivery.