Enjoy a royal road trip with this unique royal camper

A unique opportunity to embark on a Royal road trip is being offered to holidaymakers. Camplify has unveiled the latest addition to its portfolio- a Land Rover Defender. This is the Queen's beloved car of choice, aptly named Elizabeth.

A car with many unique features

the Defender is perfect for couples and families; ‘Elizabeth’ not only has an iconic look, but includes bunk beds, a fridge, heating, an internal shower and more. Plus, in true royal fashion, it is also pet-friendly so holidaymakers can bring the Corgi’s along!

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Complete with an easy-to-operate dormobile roof and a skylight that offers unspoiled stargazing views, the van is kitted out for all camping needs, from outdoor furniture to wine glasses and books - she is truly fit for a Queen.

Prepare a royal wave as heads will turn to look at the classic exterior of the Defender which has remained unchanged for 67 years.

With a collection of Defenders available from the Somerset and Devon border, ‘Elizabeth’ is ideal for royal enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in regal histories from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye.

Speaking about his remarkably distinctive campervan, Owner Dan Clark, said:

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“Whether we’re on the road or parked-up at a campsite, ‘Elizabeth’ never fails to attract attention.

The Land Rover Defender is a British Icon. It provides a real driving experience that puts a smile on your face every time. There’s no better way to travel, so why not have the opportunity to camp in one too. It may be less conventional than other campervans, but it has a really fun dynamic.”

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