Mum’s stark warning over ‘vile’ graphic TikTok video being shared online

A mum has issued a warning to other parents about a "vile video" that could "traumatise" children on a viral video-sharing app.

Rachel Dawson, who is based in Fareham, Portsmouth, has concerns over graphic footage her daughter has been able to easily view - and urges other parents to keep an eye on what their youngsters are watching.

Originally posted to TikTok the video shows a girl with long dark hair dancing for a few seconds.

It then cuts to a very graphic shot that appears to show a girl being beheaded.

‘It has left my daughter feeling upset’

Rachel said that her 13-year-old daughter was sent a link to the video.

She told the Portsmouth News: “When she opened it she dropped the phone and went white.

“I asked what was wrong, I viewed the video and it was of a male actually cutting off a girl’s head, it’s very graphic.”

The video has been taken down from TikTok but is still circulating on other social media platforms.

Rachel added: “I just want parents to be aware so they know to observe their children because this video has left my daughter quite upset.

“I don’t want another child to suffer or be traumatised.

“It’s a vile video."